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" Re-connect humans with Nature"


About Me

Ladislas is a French Artist based In Barcelona.
He’s working both digitally and traditionally.

In the paintings he’s creating, Ladislas has developed a rich surrealist imaginarium made of natural elements of all sorts: plants, animals, nature inspired shapes as well as humans.

His work is caracterized by the explosion of colors, the sense of flowing movement, the profusion of details, and the “life” that seems to emanate from his imagery.

We can feel a strong ecological dimension that is omnipresent through all his body of work.
The connexion of humans with Nature and the relationship between the two is at the core of the thematics he’s working on.

Re-reconnect with the natural world through Art


In a super “fast-paced” and “24/7 connected” digital era, Ladislas is offering a moment of “visual strolls” where rules evaporate and time stops ticking.

His paintings are invitations to dive into surrealistic jungles and reconnect with the beauty and diversity of Nature.

One of his main goal is to use his artistic vision to contribute spreading an ecological message and act for a positive change.

In addition to his studio works, he's comitting himself to work and collaborate with organizations, museums and brands on projects that have similar values for environmental preservation.

Through the years, Ladislas had the pleasure to work for various clients like Adobe, PangeaSeedFoundation, VinylMoon, Red Bull, Wired Magazine, BeAnArtist magazine, among others working in various fields including music/movie entertainment, education, clothing/apparel, magazines/editorials and more.

He was also selected to be part of the “Wacom Next Level” world tour exhibition and showcased his Art internationally.

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