Wacom Next Level worldwide Exhibition : selection in the 30 Artists

2018 Wacom Next Level

Wacom ANZ & Just Another Agency have officially announced the 2018 “Wacom Next Level” exhibitions that will take place in Melbourne / Sydney and Auckland from end of August to end of November .

The exhibition that will feature the work of 50 Artists will take place in 3 creative spaces and galleries .

The entrance is FREE in each exhibition

  • Wacom Next Level Melbourne : 31 AUGUST – 7 SEPT – Besser Space
  • Wacom Next Level Auckland : 12 OCT – 16 OCT – Silo Park
  • Wacom Next Level Sydney : 09 NOV – 18 NOV – Comber street studios

Here are the official flyers with all the informations about the dates and adresses for those who would like to go see it : Pease, to see the list of Artist selected this year and see details of each exhibition, Click to enlarge the pics


Here’s an article about the UK exhibition : https://community.wacom.com/eu/europe/wacom-the-next-level-exhibition-putting-a-spotlight-on-digital-art/

Here is a link to see the London exhibition video :

Another video with the Australia / New Zealand exhibitions :


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