SeaChange: A Decade Of Artivism for Oceans is now available!

After 2 years of involvement and work I’m glad to present you what started as a dream :

SeaChange®: A decade of Artivism for the oceans »

This project finally arrived from the depth of the sea ( and our imagination)
to the surface for Earth Month 2022.

What is it about?

Since more than 2 years, i’ve been closely collaborating with the Hawaï based NGO organization “PangeaSeed foundation” and my talented designer friend “Alizée Capelier” to work on a meaningful and inspiring project.

This book is a visual compilation/ retrospective of the last 10 years of “artivism” (union of Art and ecological/social activism) to :
Educate about ocean preservation, raise awareness and inspire the « change » through painting and illustration.

We carefully selected and compiled Artworks from PangeaSeed Sea Walls program and progressively created this fine art book.

  •  The book is highlighting through 7 chapters, 7 problems that are putting in danger the health of our oceans.
    All of this illustrated by a selection of more than 50 internationally renowned Artists through mural art, posters illustrations and underwater photography.

A few technical infos about this book :

– Premium large format A3 (42X29,7cm) Artbook.
Limited edition of 2000 (delivered with a certificate of Authenticity)
– More than 130 high quality, sustainable and colourful pages that are presenting some of the most beautiful ocean themed artworks from all across the world.
More than 55 Artists and their artworks presented.
– Special hardcover with UV spot glossy elements on the cover
– One of a kind deluxe cardboard sleeve with laser cut & metallic ink incrustations.
100% auto produced by «PangeaSeed» Organization

I’m really proud of this art book and project as we’re sharing with PangeaSeed the same interests and values for ocean’s preservation.

From the bottom of my heart I’d like to say a very special thanks to Alizée Capelier that helped so much by creating the whole layout of this book
As well as Tre’ & Akira from PangeaSeed for giving us the opportunity to participate in their adventure and create this book.
Hope it will contribute to help raise awareness and inspire people for taking care of our beautiful oceans.

You can discover more about this book on :


SeaChange Artbook video Presentation :

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