VinylMoon Volume 71 “Garden Of Echoes”

Earlier this year I was contacted by the Californian brand “Vinylmoon” to collaborate with them on their issue 071 of their monthly Vinyl compilation.

Every month , VinylMoon is preparing a compilation of songs and carefully curate a limited edition vinyl. They invite every month a new Artist, designer, illustrator to create a concept and realize the packaging of this vinyl that complete the music compilation.

I was invited to design the “volume 071”.

The title of this vinyl design is “Garden Of Echoes“. One of the main inspiration for the project are the “antique tales books” with their beautiful covers made only with “embossed silver or golden lineart.

“Garden Of Echoes” – vinyl design collaboration with Vinylmoon.

I wanted to create a “visual reinterpretation” of these antique tales books and stories like “Alice in Wonderland”, and give it a more contemporary approach. The objective through this design was to create a visual and auditive experience to invite the viewer to “dive” into a surrealist and nature inspired world.

The selection of instrumental songs of the vinyl connect with the visuals to make the viewers enter in this audiovisual experience.

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