Commissioned pieces

Order a commissioned painting or drawing

Please read the following informations before sending me your request.

A few examples of possible types of Artworks

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Commission an Artwork

Small text of the subject you'd like me to create

I'm asking clients to prepare a small text to help me understand what they would like to commission. We can also do it by skype/ google meet or by phone.
Sometimes it's also good have a few images that are accompanying the text, so I can see the subject, color atmosphere you'd like to have in the Artwork.


Please have in mind an approximative budget so we can agree on what solution is fitting best with your budget. I reserve myself the right to add to the final price some extra cost if the estimated amount of work is going over the limits of what was agreed beforehand. ( for example if multiples sketch modifications are necessary before starting the painting). In any case I will let you know when something like this has to be considered ).

Style of the Artwork

I only accept commissions that are fitting with the style I'm developing in my Art. Please understand that I won't reproduce the style of another Artist or paint subjects that are far from what i paint in my Art.


For painting ( digital and traditional ) commissions , I'll be preparing a sketch ( usually digital) to present the concept and composition of the Artwork.
If validated, and depending on the budget I will also prepare a digital colored version to validate with the client and adapt if needed.
Once validated I will paint the final Artwork.

Example Initial sketch for validation of composition

Example Final Painting (Traditional)


The client should pay half of the amount of the commission upfront to validate and guarantee the process of commission.
The other half of the amount will be payed when the Artwork will be finished and validated by the client.

Time for creation

Depends of the type of commission and complexity of the Artwork, the estimated time for the realization of the painting is normally between 1 and 4 weeks.


Once the Painting / drawing is completed , the Artwork will be shipped by priority mail with tracking number and insurance.
Please not that the buyer will be responsible of the shipping price and any hypothetical extra charges added by customs.


In case the Artwork has to be returned or exchanged the buyer will be responsible of the shipping costs associated with these actions.

Studio pick-up / local delivery

If you're living or stopping by Barcelona Spain, we can arrange a local pickup of the Artwork. I can also deliver your painting ( in the limits of the Barcelona city area ). I also deliver Artworks in Marseille/Aix-en-Provence France area.