Mixed Media Paintings


I am working on the «artistic temporal transgression» subject.

Thousands and thousands of artistic remnants of the past, subsist and cross ages are plunged into completely different societies from the ones corresponding to the epoch in which they were created. They're still present in these new ages and interact with them, but they don't fully belong to it neither.

My goal is to show this “time lagvisually and Artistically.” The artists that created those Artworks, sculptures, wished to transcribe their world through their works and share it with people. I want to show how Art transgresses time , cultures. In my own way, I participate in this transgression by creating these works and leaving an imprint on my vision of society, the «visual culture» of my time. Sculptures are for me very interesting subjects, they are frozen in stone but appear alive, dynamic, they are witnesses, characters and icons of the past, still, and represent this humanity that goes through the centuries, which is why I wish to work on these subjects.

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