Sans Titre

Sans Titre

Mixed Media on canvas (Spraypaint + Acrylic + Markers - 30X30cm - 2016

This serie of paintings from 2016 are various Artworks created gravitating around a concept of "Temporal Visual Transgression". i'm mixing classical subjects: statues from Ancient Greek and Roman mythology and including them into some abstract contemporary backgrounds.

By doing this, I'm intending to visually represent the "temporal shift" created by the opposition of ancient sculptures representing humans (almost alive as so real but forever still at the same time) that are traveling through ages and passively observe the world change and societies shaping and evolving through time.

These sculptures were created by Artists centuries ago in other ages and were part of a different societies that is long gone now. They crossed ages and saw society changes generations of humans mold the world of their time and then disappear once dead.

I was trying to imagine if those sculptures had the opportunity to see the world and felt the "shift" between the period when they were originally created centuries ago and now. What kind of feelings they would feel? Sculptures are some kind of "immortal humans" that remains passive observers of the world until nature or humans destroy them.

This serie of Artworks are graphic translations of this visual shift occurring on these passive witnesses of our world.

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